SAP S/4HANA Transformation cases

all following cases are ready to implement out-of-the-box

I. Pre-classification / Analysis of SAP structures and data to support value and cost identification of the ERP transformation - e.g. how heterogeneous is data across the various systems? What kind of set-up is used in system structures, data hierarchies and used functions? 

Accessing SAP systems directly and creat insights supported by semantic interpretation of platform.

II. Support Data Cleansing - e.g. incomplete data or duplicate data search across systems to prepare further steps of migration - searching for data from any source using various routines like best-practice patterns.

III. Migration and Permanent Interfacing - getting access to data, restructure to a new data model and writing data to systems. Recommended to be used for complex data restructuring (e.g. multiple data hierarchies, depending on each other needs to be considered).

IV. Build Intermediate Solution - usually benefits and value of transformation will increase after a while with progressing in the roll-out of new ERP - focussing on the highly relevant data and work directly on the platform delivers value very fast, even in some days. Data modelling is fully agile and can be enhanced/changed in real-time.

Riding the Wave Navigating the SAP S4HAN
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