Case Study (II): Migration and Permanent Interfacing - leading European defense and space company

Background:  This case relates to a Central Finance Transformation within a SAP Hana implementation. Client builds highly sophisticated space and defense aircraft and systems.  The build process involves hundreds of thousands of projects in very complex project structures with multiple layers of WBS.  Project data is in many sources, primarily various SAP modules with some in Excel. 


Due to the complexity of transforming old data models into a new homogeneous one for project data there was no easy out-of-the box solution available.  The solution seemed to be a custom written system, which would be expensive, high risk and a long time to value.


Task:  Partner evaluated the r4apps platform and within a few weeks it became a key component of the implemented solution, linking legacy systems to the new Hana implementation on a continuous basis.  The solution also uses r4apps to both read from and write back to the source systems.


Client Value: Significantly faster, lower cost, lower risk implementation; More agile base; Much improved MDM


Key differentiators:  Next best alternative would have been to have SAP custom build interfaces to feeder systems, at substantial cost, significant additional risk and reduced flexibility.  The ability to write back to the SAP systems was key…at the beginning neither the client IT business nor SAP believed this would be possible – this was a key differentiator (and remains so today).


External partner & their benefits:  Global leading consulting, operations and technology company. De-risked project; saved significant implementation time and effort. Saved multi-million-dollar system customization


Key buyer / decision maker to use r4apps: CFO. Partner had significant influence. 


Our key functions used: Out of the box connection to SAP ERP / Data Sources on SAP tables / BOB/ API Writer


Connected Systems: Multiple SAP systems, Excel.


Ramp-up time: 2-day platform installation (r4apps) / 2-weeks organizing SAP user (customer)/ r4apps transformed OS from Debian to RedHat.


Duration: 8 weeks to build transformation. Go-live and platform still in use since 2,5 years for ongoing interfacing



System-Demo possible: Yes, ideally with functional context (example of what SAP tables are typically used)