use cases

Merger & Aquisition

Accelerated visibility and transparency during M&A as of day 1 after connecting r4apps. Facilitate mapping and accounting harmonization by reviewing key transactions in ERP.

Master Data Management

Global overview & challenge of existing mappings, translations and allocations as a result of centralization.Global housekeeping (e.g., identify unused accounts and/or cost centers to reduce account records).

Profitability Analysis

Identification of systems with key data, manual interactions to provide sales, volume, costs by brand/SKU. Implement global brand P&L ahead of major systems upgrades/ consolidation. Validation of global consistency of prescribed rules to define the brand profitability (e.g., overhead allocation).

Closing Enhancements

Increased closing governance by monitoring late entries during close process and increase accountability. Proactive reconciliations (e.g., proactively validate that intercompany journal entries are recorded only on intercompany accounts & currency conversion validation).

Risk Management

Global customer / supplier screening with watchlists & integrated google searches for credit risk analysis. Global SOD validation for key activities (e.g., customer creation, collection & write-offs).

Global KPI & Shared Services

Facilitate strategic initiatives (e.g., sourcing) by collecting KPIs directly from the source systems (e.g., spent, volume, procurement). 

Benchmarking, objective (single source of truth) data. 

Global Shared Services, connect to hundreds of source systems and create flexible reporting across any dimension (region, organisation, SKU, customer, brand, etc.).

Real-time Data

Ongoing “real-time” reporting of key P&L lines to foster visibility and management action pro-actively vs. at the end of the month; Continuous control monitoring. Enhanced supply chain reporting to optimize logistics & delivery schedules.

Enhanced Cost Monitoring

Global Cost monitoring by centrally reporting budget position on demand rather than at month/quarter end. Validate Purchase Orders when being created with the approved budgets to proactively avoid cost rather than retroactively take action on cost overruns.

Future Automation, RPA

Get ready today for the RPA automation of tomorrow by having enhanced documentation, standardization and process mapping.